About Us

Born during a pandemic, BLAK Watches started as an idea that quickly became a reality. A watch is an accessory that has been around for years, and with the advent of technology, it is somewhat becoming a forgotten one. We believe that there is still a market that thrives on wearing a quality timepiece. At BLAK, we strive to ensure that every timepiece created is one of a kind. Our goal is to create a watch for our customers that will last forever, while still being affordable. 

Our designs are simple, sleek and minimal. Our logo embodies our idea. Our designs embody our idea. That idea is change. We want to change the way watch lovers think about a quality watch.  Whether every day, or just on special occasions, we want our watch owners to feel comfortable wearing their BLAK watch. We want every watch wearer to embody the philosophy here at BLAK Watches. That is to Be Bold. Be Daring. Be BLAK!


Our Mission:

Purchasing a watch should not be a task that is daunting, nor should it "break the bank".  At BLAK, we want our customers to know that they are purchasing a quality timepiece, and at the same time, not spending hundreds of dollars to accomplish this goal.  When you purchase a BLAK watch, your purchasing more than a timepiece, you are purchasing quality, that is timeless.